Tourist equipment

Tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, cooking utensils, backpack, etc

Equipment for motorcyclists

Motorcycle headsets, helmets, motorcycle jackets, pant, gloves, mask, etc

Tour assistance

Guidance services, passes to Gorno-Badakshan Autonomous region and other border areas of Kyrgyzstan, visa support & insurance, transportation, accommodation & hotels reservation, rent a car, motorcycles, bicycles, etc

Technical support

Motorcycle repair and maintenance, technical support on the way by car escort guide/technician, tire service, ordering of moto parts and tires, transportation of the motorcycles in Kyrgyzstan and beyond, delivery of our motorcycles to Osh, etc.

Additional services

Motorcycles evacuation in Kyrgyzstan, storage of motorcycles, cars and tires, Guest house in Osh, etc

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